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LaBlù Taps. Water Flow Art.


The Colavene world has expanded. That small miracle that allows us direct contact with the water in our homes and in the places where we work is now part of the Colavene group. LaBlù deals with the art of running water in our washbasins. Water Flow Art. A way to make the group’s offer even more complete and the Made-in-Italy aspect of our ceramics and accessories produced for decades in our factories in Civita Castellana even more competitive.

LaBlù has been created to offer elegant and versatile faucets, meticulously cared for in all aesthetic details and characterized by perfect functionality.

Spazio Colavene. Five Souls.

AXA is proudly a part of the Colavene Spa world, which covers the entire range of bathroom furnishings. In addition to AXA’s high-quality ceramic sanitary ware, you can find Colavene furniture and sinks, Colacril bathtubs, Tamanaco multifunctional shower enclosures, and the new, elegant LaBlù faucets. Five different souls within one family, all sharing the same goal: to create a bathroom ambiance that is precious, functional, and beautiful to live in.

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There’s a LaBlù faucet for every need.